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The Human Asset

Talent Development

Talent development is a coordinated strategy intended to facilitate the highest and best use of an organization’s greatest asset: human capital. Its goal is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.

That is why talent development may be the single most impactful activity in which an organization can engage and explains why acquisition and retention of the highest-quality personnel is a top goal of most business entities.

IntraSpect’s consultants work with organizations to identify specific talent acquisition methods, talent development goals and/or needs and develop a plan for implementation.

We help organizations create a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain the most productive, engaged employees.

We customize plans to the unique needs of each organization by utilizing a combination of services from the following program modules:

IntraSpect views leadership as the activity of influencing the behavior or actions of others. We refer to any activity that improves or expands the quality or capacity of individuals to engage in leadership roles within an organization as leadership development.

Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of a company’s strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others. Leadership roles may be formal, with the corresponding authority to make decisions and take responsibility, or they may be informal roles with little official authority.

We believe leadership development and coaching are key to business success. Organizations with active leadership development programs respond rapidly to changing market conditions and drive improved business results.

IntraSpect provides learning and coaching opportunities that focus on leadership qualities (including the ability to inspire and motivate others), effective communication and management to an individual who may or may not use the learned skills in a leadership position. We distinguish leadership from management, providing a deeper understanding of where and when each is to be applied.

“Everyone communicates, very few connect.” ~ John Maxwell, Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach

Connecting with people is the fuel of success.

At IntraSpect, we focus on connecting through communication. Connecting truly means seeing another person’s viewpoint or needs from their perspective. This involves a more profound form of listening—listening with your heart.

We work with clients to instill this higher, more effective level of communication. Responses are developed with respect to how deeply and in what manner individuals connect. This connection can be verbal, non-verbal or visual. When done well, it can translate into a written form with more impact.

IntraSpect incorporates this more in-depth form of communication—connecting—into leadership development, management skills, customer service delivery, relationship management, sales activity and sales management. We will work with individuals and groups to develop the connection skill.

The Learning Paths methodology a systematic way to reduce time to proficiency through process improvement, accelerated learning and change management.

Every minute employees are not up to speed has a direct and significant financial impact. Fewer sales, increased errors and accidents, lost customers and poor quality.

Three principles drive learning paths:

  • Learning is a process, not an event;
  • Knowing and doing are not the same thing;
  • Learning should be by design not accident.

IntraSpect works with clients to identify learning opportunities for individual roles within the organization that have the greatest impact on revenue and quality. We collaborate with our clients to develop a learning path for each identified role with the goal of reducing time to proficiency by 30% to 50%.

IntraSpect would like to see people and organizations change the way they view negotiating. We believe negotiating is joint problem solving and doesn’t have to be a series of compromises where one party wins and another loses.

We believe successful results from negotiations include communicating, persuading and influencing, planning, strategizing, employing tactics, techniques, the right skill-sets, systems and processes and often teamwork.

We work with clients to develop successful negotiators by refining a variety of skills drawn from various disciplines. Since negotiations typically require face-to-face or phone interaction, not all negotiation skills can be learned from a book alone.

IntraSpect utilizes several practical role plays, pertinent to the client, followed immediately by individual feedback discussions. We customize our negotiation skills development to meet the clients’ specific needs. We also utilize assessment tools to help people understand their communication and negotiation styles and how it relates to the needs of the listener.

Because we believe the most powerful negotiating skill is listening, we work with clients to develop effective listening skills. In addition, we assist in the design of a “negotiation plan,” part of which includes knowing what the Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) is.

Lastly, IntraSpect assists in understanding the importance and necessity of what you can or might be willing to do in the event you cannot reach an agreement.

IntraSPECT will work with our client’s on how they hire as well as who they hire for sales, service and other roles within their organization. How an organization hires people and what assessment tools, if any, are used can greatly impact the acquisition of talent. We will also assist in the creation of role specific staff development programs that focus on high performance outcomes.

With sales, IntraSPECT will focus on sales activities, sales objectives and business outcomes. In this process, we will work with our client’s to identify a sales strategy that is in alignment with the values and performance goals of the organization. Communication and negotiation skills become a critical part of what why and how sales people succeed or fail. Our process looks at strengths and weaknesses in these areas and others to determine how they affect relationship building and ultimately the buyer’s interest in working with a salesperson.

Service can make or break the relationship established through a sale. Therefore, it becomes a relationship management activity. Is your service team aligned with your sales force? IntraSPECT will look at this and other aspects of your service delivery to determine if the trust- based relationship built by your salesperson is continued, supported and strengthened by your service team. We will work on areas of communication and relationship building that will create and strengthen customer loyalty.

IntraSpect leadership has seen situations where very capable sales people have failed due to mediocre or poor sales management. If the sales manager is low caliber, no amount of effort or sales staff training resulted in a sustainable outcome. Sales management is oftentimes left out of the staff development equation. They may be highly capable, motivated and ready to do what it takes to succeed and, yet, they continually struggle. We use the experience of seasoned, successful salespeople and sales managers to assist our Client’s in the development of sales managers. We help sales managers answer these questions:

  • Do we have enough of the right type of salesperson in the right seats?
  • Are they able to do their job?
  • Are they selecting the right prospect/buyers?
  • Are they selling the right products to the right buyers?
  • Do they want to do their job?

When IntraSpect focus then turns to the manager, we look at experience, skills and the how and why the manager is doing their job. Selfish sales management can be the demise of your sales force’s effectiveness and ultimate success.

IntraSpect Advisors can help your organization implement a plan to capture, develop and retain top-tier talent. Contact us to learn how.

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