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An Organizational Journey

IntraSpect believes that there are at least three perspectives on change: wonder what changed, participate in change or be a catalyst for positive change.

As a proponent of the latter, we engage in change management that guides how an organization prepares for and implements change and supports individuals as they adapt to the change(s). The goal is to drive individual and organizational success.

We encourage participation in needed change within an organization. We also inspire organizations to empower their people to lead positive change.

IntraSpect works with organizations to identify areas for positive change.

We approach change management from two vantage points: Individual and Organizational.

For example, we engage individuals and teams for community “buy-in” and solution development and address the “human asset” systematically, beginning at the top and working down the organizational hierarchy, engaging with every layer in the organization.

Our process involves a methodology that redeploys or redefines the application of resources, business process, budget allocations, cultural components and operations in a way that can bring significant change to an organization.

Throughout the change process, we assess the cultural response within the organization. If necessary, we will address the culture, understand it and have a clear understanding of its influence on change and its response.

Change is an organizational journey, however, and must speak clearly to the people who make up the organization. It is the individual who will generate the unexpected in most changing environments.

As such, we must be prepared for the unexpected by staying close to those most affected by the change. And we cannot forget the customer or the outside resources supporting the mission.

IntraSpect works with our clients to assure that managing change is done with intention, in a compassionate, understandable manner that is based on trust and transparency created by open, honest communication.

Would you like to see your organization embrace and manage change from a new perspective? Contact us to learn more. 

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